Safe Start: Introduction to Firearms

Safe Start: Introduction to Firearms
Safe Start: Introduction to Firearms

Prerequisites: The are no prerequisites for taking this course

First Time Shooters: When it comes to learning about owning and shooting firearms, not knowing how or where to start can be intimidating. Look no further, TAC-1 in partnership with A Place to Shoot (APTS) can assist you in overcoming the hurdle. Learn from the true experts at TAC-1 and rest a sure that you will start with your right foot forward.

Safe Start is a response to the public’s need for a firearm orientation program for new shooters. This 3 hour introductory course is for the individual who is unfamiliar with firearms procedures or who needs to develop safe firearm-handling skills and a solid foundation of basic shooting skills. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting and how to achieve accuracy. The program is designed to provide a quick hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to various pistol action types (semi-auto, revolver). The program is for classes of 10 to 15 with ample instructors to facilitate proper student and instructor ratio.

This course is at least three hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot a specific pistol action type of choice.

Students will receive Safe Start Course completion certificate.

Subject matters:

Classroom Material

  • 4 Basic Firearms Safety rules
  • Safety and Etiquette on the range
  • Additional safety considerations
  • CA Law regarding possession, storage and transporting firearms
  • Brief overview of Use of Deadly Force in CA
  • Firearms Nomenclature and Function (DA/SA Semi-auto & Revolver)
  • Regarding Ammo (function, available calibers, storage, etc)
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Elements of Marksmanship

Hands on lesson in groups

  • Review and Apply safety
  • Review and Apply Loading and Unloading
  • Review and Apply Elements of Marksmanship

Live Fire Shooting

  • Trigger Drills
  • Target analysis
  • Live Fire Practice

Things to Bring:

  • Semi Auto Pistol or Revolver
  • Ammunition (Must provide own 50 rounds of ammo)
  • Magazines (2 or more recommended)
  • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color)
  • Ear protection (both outer and inner protections are recommended)
  • Cap or Hat (highly recommended)
  • Appropriate attire for weather & flying hot brass
  • Water and snacks (also available on-site for purchase)
  • Gun bag/case to store and transport firearms
  • 5 Dummy/Inert rounds (available for purchase on-sight)

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