Military Assault Type Firearms and Ammunition Types

Military Assault Type Firearms
You are welcome to shoot your California compliant Military Assault Type Firearms at our Range. However, any firearms you bring to the range must be legal for you to do so.


If your firearms are California legal pre-ban, then keep a copy of your Assault Weapon registration / permit on you while you are on the range.

If your firearms are California legal post-ban, and the laws change in the future, such that you are required to register your firearms, then keep a copy of your registration / permit on you while you are on the range.

Unless you are permitted, make sure you only utilize 10-round or less magazines with these firearms.

Ammunition Types
Only bullet projectiles consisting either of copper jacket and lead core or brass solids are allowed. Steel jacketed and Armor Piercing ammo is not allowed. Check your ammunition with a magnet. If the projectiles are magnetic, then do not bring it to the Range. Most Military and Surplus type ammunition is steel jacketed, so check it first.

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