A Place to Shoot - Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Shooting Range

A Place to Shoot

Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Shooting Range
33951 San Francisquito Canyon Road
Saugus, CA 91350   (661) 296-5552

"All Day" Public Shooting Range Fees
  • Adults: $15.00
  • Ages 11 to 17: $10.00
  • Ages 10 and under: Free
  • Senior Citizen Fridays 55 and up: $10.00

Please Note the Following
We only accept cash or checks for Range Fees and Equipment Rentals.

VISA and Master Card credit cards are accepted for Ammunition and Shooting Supplies only.

We do not offer firearm rentals. You must bring your own firearm(s) to the range.

Annual Memberships
  • Single Shooter Membership: $175.00
   Add friends and family members to your membership
   for an additional $75 per person.

Gift Certificates are Available !

A Place to Shoot Shooting Ranges
Range 1: Instructional Rental Range
Range 2: Members Range
Range 3: Steel Plate Non-Magnum Handgun Range
Range 4: Steel Plate Range from a fixed firing line
Range 5: Shotgun Trap Range
Range 6: Paper Target Handgun & Small Caliber Rifle
Range 7: High Power Rifle Range
Firecracker 5 Stand: Sporting Clays

Paper Targets - 7 to 100 yards; Pistol Steel Plates - 25 & 35 yards; Rifle Steel Plates to 400 yards. Hand Cocking Clay Throwers on the Shotgun Trap Range.

Click here to view the Shooting Range Map

Firecracker 5 Stand Prices *
Open every Thursday through Monday.
$7.50 for a round of 25 birds
$25.00 for 4 rounds of 25 birds (100 birds total)
* in addition to regular range fees

Clay pigeons
Biodegradable type Clay pigeons are the only type pigeons allowed and can be purchased at the Check-In station if needed. Use of the machines are included in “All Day” entrance fee.

Ear and Eye Protection is Mandatory!
If you do not have any, we can loan you Ear & Eye Protection for free during your visit.

Shooting Attire / No Pets
For safety purposes, please wear proper shooting attire when you visit the range. This would include shirts and shoes. No pets allowed on the premises.

Ammunition and Shooting Supplies
You can purchase Ammunition and Shooting Supplies at A Place to Shoot. See the following Supplies page for more Information.

Money Saving Coupon and Map

Good for $5.00 off one adult entrance fee
with proof of firearm purchase

usdalogoPersons of any race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or with any handicapping condition are welcome to use and enjoy all facilities, programs, and services of the USDA. Discrimination in any form is strictly against agency policy, and should be reported to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Family Fun For Everyone

Try Our Shotgun Firecracker 5 Stand
To augment the existing eight manual Clay Pigeons throwers at the Shotgun Range, we added a new area to the Shotgun range called the Firecracker 5 Stand. At the Firecracker 5 Stand the Clay Pigeons are automatically thrown for you. Open every Friday through Monday.


Firecracker 5 Stand - Sporting Clays

Shooting Range Hours
The following table list the times we are open to the public. Since this is an outdoor range, we we may have to close on days of extreme bad weather or if there happens to be a forest fire. When conditions are questionable, please call us first before coming to the range. For Holidays, please call the range for scheduled hours.

Operating Hours

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
- 5pm
- 7pm
Closed Closed  8am
- 7pm
- 7pm
- 5pm

We Also Buy Guns

If you are interested in selling your guns, please give us a call. We purchase both small & large gun collections and will offer you a fair price. Call us at: (661) 296-5552

Military Assault Type Firearms
You are welcome to shoot your California compliant Military Assault Type Firearms at our Range. However, any firearms you bring to the range must be legal for you to do so.


If your firearms are California legal pre-ban, then keep a copy of your Assault Weapon registration / permit on you while you are on the range.

If your firearms are California legal post-ban, and the laws change in the future, such that you are required to register your firearms, then keep a copy of your registration / permit on you while you are on the range.

Know your Firearm and Magazine laws before you come to the range.

Ammunition Types
Only bullet projectiles consisting either of copper jacket and lead core or brass solids are allowed. Steel jacketed and Armor Piercing ammo is not allowed. Check your ammunition with a magnet. If the projectiles are magnetic, then do not bring it to the Range. Most Military and Surplus type ammunition is steel jacketed, so check it first.

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