A Place to Shoot - Range 5: Shotgun Trap Range

Range 5: "Toss Your Own Sporting Clays" at the Shotgun Trap Range

Eight trap machines are permanently mounted for public use. Biodegradable type Clay pigeons are the only type pigeons allowed and can be purchased at the Check-In station if needed. The use of the machines are included in “All Day” entrance fee.

Range 5

"Automated Sporting Clays" at the Firecracker 5 Stand

At the Firecracker 5 Stand the Clay Pigeons are automatically thrown for you. We have 5 Trap machines positioned around all sides of the shooter that will automatically throw the Clay Pigeons for you from 5 different launch locations. This is a great addition that will allow you to hone your shotgun skills and to prepare for upcoming bird hunts.









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